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Welcome to CheckMi
Purpose of CheckMi is to strengthen information understanding. CheckMi's software objective is to improve the control, agility and cost for data store & textual information analysis. At the foundation of CheckMi architecture is a deployment of commonsense semantics that make knowledge connections and power information integration.

 CheckMi  Architecture
Since 1999 we have focused on open source computing that benefits from agile and scalable semantics. We are long time contributors to the evolution of internet services, electronic health records, e-business and the semantic grid. CheckMi solutions for information overload are based on an experience gained from the constant designing, applying and refining of a collective intelligence architecture.

  • Coordination using SMaaSH (Semantic Metadata as a Service Hub) for on-demand service-enablement of legacy applications
  • Cooperation using Ontological Federation of Controlled Vocabularies for scalable information referent integrity
  • Cognition using compendium education algorithms for building group understanding in less time

Go to Products and Services areas to learn about CheckMi SaaS (Semantics as a Service), community of practice consensus, business centric fusion layer, savvy & mobile agents, smart compendium for melding knowledge discovered in databases, documents and electronic communications ...... Or, Contact Us if you want our best advice on how to build an effective application governance service based on intelligent Enterprise Continuum, Inventory of Assets, CMDB Catalog of Services , Repository of Best Practice, Capability Operations Knowledgebase.

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